Hello and welcome to the M(icro)OOC on a MOOC site – an outside short-course, complementing the MSc in Digital Education.

Led by the (not really in any capacity) world-leading (non-)academic, Ms A. Woodgate, this course will expose you to the thoughts and theories behind post-humanism and pose the question for course exploration “is a MOOC a post-human educational tool?”

We hope you find this learning experience interesting – please start by clicking the ‘Course‘ link on the left.

Thank you and enjoy!

Post-MOOCan Team
University of Edinburgh


DISCLAIMER: This is not a University of Edinburgh course. It is not endorsed by the University in any way: it does not bear any transferable credits for study nor has it undergone the rigorous quality assurance measures of approved University courses. This is a digital artefact, created by the student Amy Woodgate, for end of course submission on the E-Learning and Digital Cultures module for the MSc in Digital Education.