A gathering of matter – weaving things together

Throughout the sections so far, we have seen themes emerging out of the analysis of different components of the ‘MOOC’ and how, if at all, these components yield themselves towards a posthuman interpretation, and/or whether the MOOC as a collective could be seen as a facilitator for a posthuman educational experience.

Now is a time for reflection – a time for you to gather thoughts and recurrent themes, to make sense of the entanglement of ideas emerging.


Pause for reflection

[TASK]Before reading the set text and associated resources, ask yourself – do you think a MOOC is or could be seen as a posthuman educational embodiment?

Continue this reflection during the core reading:

– Do you agree with the interpretation of Woodgate (2013)?
– Are your thoughts shaped further by the experience of reading the core text?
– To what extent has this course experience been ‘posthuman’?


Core reading:

Recommended resources to explore:


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