There are two entities currently in the educational sphere that are receiving increased exposure in the public domain, which although not strictly new concepts they are experiencing rekindled enthusiasm. These concepts are Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Post-humanism.

The re-emergence of these in tandem provides a unique opportunity to dissect and analyse the potential relationships seen between them – to compare and contrast their differences in an educational context and ask whether one can be viewed in light of the other.

Introductory video

This short course will guide you through a deconstruction of the two concepts, building the theory back up through exploring common themes after dissecting the main elements, leading to analysis of how the elements intertwine and whether a MOOC can be seen as post-human by design.

Course structure

Each week will comprise of a core reading (Woodgate, 2013) and supplementary readings, referenced within the readings and of particular note to the section topic. There will also be small quizzes at the end of each section to aid in concept uptake.

The course is open to the world with no defined start or end date – it is an open, flexible learning resource, designed for the audience to engage with as they feel best suits their individual learning needs.

There is no prescribed way of navigating through the resources, although it is recommended to work through the sections in order, as concepts will build from previous sections and assume understanding from these sources.

Learning Objectives

This course aims to deliver each participant a general understanding in the concepts of MOOCs and Post-humanism. A full list of course Learning Objectives can be found here.